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Literature, Poetry and Journels by Wierdo-Neko


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December 28, 2012


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I bet all you werewolves and witches have or will enjoy this magical night :3

To celebrate, I will start a tale, and you can continue it just write your part of the tale in the comments

I will add your writing into the journal so that others can see it and will be adding of my own

some little rules:
- do not contradict what others wrote before
- do not to write pieces that are more than 2 paragraphs long (blocks of texts), or others may have updated the story before you update it! Check the most recent comments to see if some change is or was being made

Louise was a young girl that loved the sea too much. Every night, as the Moon rose, she would dance with the waves and cover herself with sea foam, completely giving herself to her love to the salty waters of the eternal oceanic river.
Her love for the water and her dances was not ignored by the forces of Nature, and every evening the waves would anxiously wait for her kisses and caresses as she became one with the sea for a few hours.
Until one day she stopped coming. She had grown up and had to go to the University.
The beach was in chaos, the waves would destroy boats looking for her. Such was their despair that they all joined together into a huge tsunami that transformed into a giant sea dragon... the mythical Poseidon has been summoned by the crying waves, after being sleeping for so many years...
Not wanting to scare the girl off, Poseidon took the form of a beautiful stallion horse, of blue eyes and gray fur, hiding his true raging sea nature inside of the majestic equine body, with only one thought: The girl had to be found and brought back to the sea, and this time... they will NEVER let her go...
Not surprisingly... the awakening of Poseidon led to the awakening of his greatest rival, the owl goddess of wisdom!

Athena saw in the girl a huge scientific potential. When she knew the plan of Poseidon, she fell into a great rage. How can he take her opportunity to deepen her knowledge? She was not going to let that happen...

Louise was sat at her desk, scanning through one of her papers online on her laptop. The room she had been allocated when she had applied for accommodation was small and slightly dated but it was functional and to a certain extent cosy. However, she had spent a few hours working and her eyes where starting to ache so she stretched her back and stared at the ceiling.

Looking at the swirling pattern that was covering the space above her, she began to imagine the waves that she once used to love. Their grace and raw power had once been a source of excitement and fun for her and she began to miss their gentle touch. She was so far away from the nearest cove that she began to feel a slight emptiness in her gut that gnawed at her conscience. She desired the waves but loved her education; why couldn't life be easy?

An owl of fiery eyes appeared in her window, staring right into her eyes. She saw something like a woman made of light touch her very mind. When she blinked the owl was gone, but that same fire was still visible burning inside of her eyes.
She looked at her books, feeling a strange hunger for knowledge, like never before, she didnt stop reading and learning until late into the night, while a shadow owl figure watched over her every now and then

About one o'clock the next day her learning got less for she started to feel the sleep coming near. She tried to stand up, but somehow she couldn't. The owl concealed somewhere wouldn't let her stop. It was a great danger. So Louise kept on learning and when she could no more her head drooped and she slept. The owl could not awaken her for she was exhausted.

Far in the distance where the sea waves still washed restlestly over the shore a great big wave emerged. They could sense another power trying to keep her away. Anger filled the sea and Poseidon knew the sea is getting restless. He started off in the direction of a nice forest where he would lure this girl, given her description by the sea.

"There must be an explanation for all this" Louise said, immediately began his search tirelessly about misterioza owl that had visited last night. After reading a stack of books on mythology, unfortunately did not find any answer to this enigma.

Louise looked at his clock, it was 4 am.
"Well, I remember Adam, my classmate, he told me once that if I put a candle in the window, a spirit reappears in front of you. I will implement his advice" she exclaimed, as he took his old dragon-shaped candle and lit the candle contained by the snout of the creature...

As Louise lighted the strange candle she felt a power urging her not too. She firmed her grip on the candle and slowly started to put it down. A sudden coldness filled the room and she heard a sharp screech of an owl. Then she heard a voice, colder than the night speaking to her from the window, and a black crow appeared. It had the accent of a wise old thing.
"Thouest is in the centre of a stupedious thing. A crossroad wiltst come and though should choose wisely. Listen to my words carefully and remember them," he ended his sentence and disappeared without notice.
The room got warm again and Louise stood dumbstruck and looked at the window.
"What did he mean... ?"

She was very tired though, and even when her mind was filled with questions, she needed to sleep.

Hidden amongst the trees and foliage, the great Poseidon, in his stallion guise, stood atop a blue lake in the center of a clearing, gazing at the skies above. The moon cast an iridescent glow upon its glassy surface the whole area had a shimmer of beauty and magic about it.
Alone he stood when suddenly a great screeching owl swooped down upon the magnificent beast. A sudden leap and he deftly moved out of range of the attack.
"What is it you want," The booming voice of the oceans roared out of the stallion's mouth. "Athena?"

That night in her dreams, a giant owl with beautiful grey eyes appeared before her. She was afraid but before she could turn and run the owl's voice spoke in her mind. It said:
"Do not be afraid. For I only seek to aide you on your quest for knowledge. Take this advice to heart: Beware of the sea! Avoid it! If you don't you will be punished you! Remember this"
With a mighty flap of it's wings, the owl took off. Then the dream shifted and the girl saw a flood coming towards her with increasing speed. She tried to run, but the waves caught up with her and swallowed her within there depths.
She woke up with a start, then sighed.
(It was only a dream.)
Before she could think about this further, a male voice behind her spoke: "At last, my friend. We meet once again..."

''Yes, I am back!''
Louise father smiled. I am so happy that my dad returned.
''Janus is now captain.'' mum said.
''Arrr!'' Janus answered.
''I want to tell you something Louise.'' Janus said. ''I have good and bad news: the good news is that I will be home for approximately 3 weeks. The bad news is, that in the meantime no-one earns the money here.'' Janus told.
I was shocked. That means no internet, no electricity. At least we had food.
'The reason I have 3 weeks off is because my superior Mr. Brooks believes that the sea is enraged for godknowswhatreason. I dont believe him though.''

"The sea..." she remembered her beloved sea. She exited her house and started to run into the forest, like looking for the sea, even when it was so many miles away. When suddenly she heard some galloping

Every hair on her body stood on end, and chills ran across her skin, as she felt a strange breeze run across the nape of her neck. A voice purred in her ear. Smooth and deep, calming, as he said, "you've been gone for so long... but the time has come, Louise." Curious about who the voice was, but afraid of what she would see, her voice trembled as she spoke. "What do you mean? How did you get here? Who-"

She was grabbed by her hips and taken away. She tried to see who was her capturer. She could see the body of a horse... but no head, the head of a boy.... but no human legs...
"A CENTAUR!!!" she yelled, but her scream was silenced by salty lips caressing her mouth. He tasted like the waves

Strangely, her anxiety and fear have vanished, not entirely but most of it.
And so she let herself get carried away somehow safe and secure in this embrace.
But the coldness of the water has brought her back to her sense and the fear was there once again.
And the nightmare still young comes back to her mind. And she begins to fear for her life.
She already have beginning of cue about the identity of this spirit and so she says "Do you want me to hate you? Because if you take me away from my world and from all the other thing I love I will forever hate you"

The centaur paused and looked down at her. Louise noticed that his eyes were a dark greyish-blue that seemed to constantly move like the tumultuous stormy seas and she saw such power that she felt as if she was forced to look away and explain herself, like a child to an angry parent.

"I don't want to leave as there is so much that I want to do and see," She began to fiddle with the end of her shirt. "If I leave now, there will be so much that I haven't done."

"Why would you desire such land-bound trivials?" Poseidon's voice was commanding yet smooth. "Is life in the sea not infinitely better? You did desire it above all else once."

She try to found her voice once again and to muster enough courage to look at him and declare "It is true. I wont deny it. I yearned for it and still do. Perhaps I will always. But the child that I was have grown and look at the rest of the world with longing. And so she wants to learn, to understand it better. To understand herself more. Will you deny me this right?"

He stare at her, searching to differentiate lies from truth and found that she didn't lie. And he begin to doubt "If you loved me once as much as I did and still do, can you not wait for me? I promise I will come once again to the sea. And this time I will stay"

''Swimming is my lust and my life but it is not everything.'' Louise faced the mighty centaur.
''I do not want to let my friends, my family or my career down. I love my study and the work I will do.''
''I can not discover Stone-hedge if I live underwater! How about going to a club or disco? I will miss all my watchers on Deviantart and I will never find myself a proper boyfriend from the year 2013.''

Poseidon looked serious. "You are confused! But I help you become the girl that you once were!"
He took her by surprise with a violent kiss, this time she had to struggle, this kiss was not normal! She felt something going through her throat!
When he was done, there were blue bubbles and sparks coming out from her lips, and something like a tail of a fish disappearing down her throat. She gasped, trying to spit... but whatever it was, it was too late...
Soon enough her legs fused together and became a long tail, her hair became kelps, and her eyes became completely blue
"You are a nereid now, a priestess of the sea, and you cant leave its waters without drying up like a sponge and suffering in pain, you belong here now"

She stared in absolute horror at her hands, now with strange, paper-thin webbing like tissue paper, and at her long, strong tail, covered with hundreds of scales that shone like a rainbow in the moonlight. "no.." her voice quivered with fear. Suddenly, a rage rose up from within her. She looked sharply at the Centaur, hating him so much for what he had done to her, betrayed and distorted by what she once had loved so much. "Why?! Why did you do this to me?!! i might've bought a beach-house, and visited everyday, living just above, on the shore! Would that not have been enough?! Do you not think this is a bit extreme?"
He stood up straight, offended that she did not appreciate his gift. "Why live near us, when you can live with us? I think this is much better. You will be happier there, with all the oceans as your companions."
"You're crazy!!" she yelled, tears welling up in her eyes. She turned and tried to drag herself further up shore.

Poseidon's face took anger on his sealike features.

"If you don't come, the sea will be so enraged, that a massive tsunami to the whole region," he said in a dangerous voice.
Louise started crying. Tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't want to stay in the sea and she didn't want the tsunami to happen. She had to choose!!!!

Out of nowhere an owl swooped down to the earth. "Poseidon," it boomed.
Poseidon looked up and his anger got less. "Athena. What a surprise." He grinned and the two gods stated a quarrel.
"You cannot have her. The sea deserves her."
"You wish. She is going to be mine. I need her!!!"
Poseidon unleashed powerful water torrents against her and she created a powerful storm of feathers with her wings, fighting for the soul of the girl!
But then Louise remembered what the crow said.
"Now I know what it meant," she softly said. "This must be the crossroad." Then without notice she screamed on the top of her musical voice, suddenly filled with knowledge and calmness. "STOP!!!!!!"

The water dropped and was absorbed by the rough sands, and the barrage of feathers gently swayed to the ground, as both gods looked at her, alarmed. "Why are you doing this? What makes me so important that you have to fight? I don't even know you two, and i'm quite sure neither one of you two has ever known me! You distort my body, and claim that i must go to live with the sea, after just stealing me away from my home, and stealing my kisses. You're a kidnapper and a thief! and you?? don't you only want me to further your own gain?! you made me work and study for hours not that long ago, didn't you! that was you, wan't it?!" The two gods looked at one another, bewildered. "And just who are you, anyway?"
"all guises aside, I am Poseidon, God - or rather guardian, as it would seem- of all the seas and oceans, lord of horses, and a renown seaman," he said, rather proud of himself.
"you? a god of the sea? but aren't you just a centaur? i thought Poseidon was a merman or something-"
"Ah! that's right! i ought to properly introduce my self in my own form, shouldn't I..."

Poseidon's sentence was cut off when he started transforming. Louise stared in wonder at the transforming god. She felt the waves fill with excitement and they rushed more quickly. When the god was finished she saw a full grown man with green-bluish hair a trident. Louise stared in awe at this god.
Athena saw her and then started to talk. "I am Athena owl goddess of wisdom, arts, literature and reason." And she too started to transform. After the transformation Louise saw a beautiful brown haired goddess dressed in almost full armor. This was a honor to her for she was in the vicinity of two legends, but she was still angry at them.

YOU may be Gods, but no living thing should have the power to commandmy destiny. Neither of you are gods over human will, and therefore, I want to choose myself who I want to be with."
Louise swirled around to Poseidon
"If I leave your waters, I would die for my nereid form?" she asked impetuosly.
"Aye" replied the Earth-Shaker, gravely.
"And if I went with you, Daughter of Zeus, would you rid me of this stolen form?" she interrogated Athena
"It... is beyond my powers. Only Poseidon could undo his curse." She said, saddened.
Louise fell to the sea floor and sobbed, thinking of her life up in the world above, of her friends, family... of her boyfriend, Ediz, waiting for her to come back into his arms...
SHe got up and composed herself.
"Is there no way at all I can escape you two? Or must I imperatively make a choice between you two?" She asked with a trembling voice.

The two gods stared at eachother. This is quite a smart girl. Athena was even more eager for this girl, but she knew this girl might not come to her. Louise looked at each of the gods in turn and then continued her speech.
"Maybe we could come up with a plan that will suit all of us. As I stated earlier to Poseidon that maybe I could live near the sea. Then I can go for a lot of swims and spend a lot of time in the sea. I could also continue my studies. That would make you greatful"
She looked at Athena. "If you want my wisdom then you might as well earn it. SO I can go to college and hang out with my family and still do what you want of me." Then she looked at Posiedon. "You could give me a pendant or something to allow me to breath underwater or something like that "
She stared at the two gods and then heard a chilling voice. "Haha good reasoning Louiseeeeee"
The gods looked at each other and knew this girl wasn't going to be beaten easily.

Poseidon narrowed his deep, blue eyes. "Why would i give you such a pendant, when instead you could simply live there, with the ocean."
"Because someone is bound to be unhappy with that, and i'd rather there not be a war among you godly siblings," she said impatiently. "Athena, do you have any problems with my plan?" The knowledgeable war goddess shook her head. "No, Louise. I think this plan is ideal. Uncle," she said, turning to the earth-shaker, "why exactly do you oppose this plan?"

Poseidon looked at the waves, they were missing the girl so much, and then he looked at Athena and said "No, she shall not leave my waters... Athena if you wish I will let you teach her and bring her great wisdom, I will allow her to make an altar for you in the beach and summon your flame of wisdom every night, but I will not remove the spell, as it would be depriving the sea of one of its children... also... I want her to be my wife now that Amphitrite is gone, the sea nymphs have vanished after such long time of being forgotten..."

Poseidon kissed Louise once more and said "I thought I was going to be alone forever, but your love for the sea showed me I still had one chance... I know you love me, as you love the sea and I am its Lord..."

Athena could see how the girl became more and more a nereid as Poseidon kissed her again... her skin went blue, and scales appeared everywhere. With a new kiss Poseidon fed her more sacred sea fish and crustaceans. Finally she knelt and declared "I AM THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF POSEIDON AND I WILL PLEASE ALL HIS DESIRES" and started to kiss his legs

Fire of war came from Athena, but it quickly vanished and Athena said "FINE... You can have her every day and I will teach her every night... love does not know about wisdom... BUT DONT THINK SHE WILL BECOME A SIMPLE SLAVE OF YOUR DESIRES!! I will make her a wise and powerful queen of the sea!"

Poseidon laughed and took the shape of a merman "Now if you allow us some time alone... I have a sea to repopulate with this beauty. I will bring her back to you this night"

Athena sighed and nodded, flying away. She didnt remember the last centuries very well. The last centuries gods' sightings had become rarer and rarer as human cities grew and forests vanished. She didnt dare to confess it, but she felt bad for Poseidon... and was a little happy he had gotten some fun with the girl, still she was very jealous, she wanted to model the girl into her very own priestess of Wisdom, and even more, make her her very own daughter. But the age of the gods was a thing of the past now, and now she was happy she was awakened at last, even when she knew humans didnt need them anymore... and she would eventually fall asleep out of boredom once more... that she was summoned was rare occurrence.

For the next months, she taught the girl all about the arts of war and magic. When she knew Louise was pregnant, Athena almost fainted of happiness, and managed to convince Poseidon so that the newborns would become her trainees once they grow up.

They all were happy with the their agreement, and lived happily for the given time.

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