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of course :D
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 8:47 AM
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 6:02 AM
*burps with taste of human* mmm!!!
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 7:16 PM
*giggles insde his belly* YES !! he fell for it ... now me part of a great dragon !!! *the end* *big grin*
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 1:14 PM
*rests down happy* she didn't taste bad at all!!! *closes eyes and starts to sleep*
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:50 AM



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HELIOS (ANIMATION) by Typhon--Monster-KingSELENE (ANIMATION) by Typhon--Monster-KingEOS (ANIMATION) by Typhon--Monster-King
Aphrodite by Typhon--Monster-KingDemeter by Typhon--Monster-KingHera by Typhon--Monster-King
Centaur by Typhon--Monster-KingSatyr by Typhon--Monster-KingMinotaur by Typhon--Monster-King
Naiad by Typhon--Monster-KingHamadryad by Typhon--Monster-KingMuse by Typhon--Monster-King
Nereid by Typhon--Monster-KingMaenad by Typhon--Monster-KingIris by Typhon--Monster-King
Pleiad by Typhon--Monster-KingOread by Typhon--Monster-KingLampad by Typhon--Monster-King
Harpy by Typhon--Monster-KingGorgon by Typhon--Monster-KingSiren by Typhon--Monster-King
Hecate by Typhon--Monster-KingEris by Typhon--Monster-KingPERSEPHONE (ANIMATION) by Typhon--Monster-King
Lamia by Typhon--Monster-KingEmpusa by Typhon--Monster-KingMormo by Typhon--Monster-King
Poine by Typhon--Monster-KingSybaris by Typhon--Monster-KingPython by Typhon--Monster-King
Kampe by Typhon--Monster-KingTyphon by Typhon--Monster-KingPhorcys by Typhon--Monster-King
Ceto by Typhon--Monster-KingEchidna by Typhon--Monster-KingScylla by Typhon--Monster-King
Medusa by Typhon--Monster-KingGraeae by Typhon--Monster-KingThoosa by Typhon--Monster-King
Geryon by Typhon--Monster-KingPegasus by Typhon--Monster-KingChrysaor by Typhon--Monster-King
Cyclops by Typhon--Monster-KingGigante by Typhon--Monster-KingHecatoncheir by Typhon--Monster-King
Chimera by Typhon--Monster-KingSphinx by Typhon--Monster-KingOrthrus by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon Ladon by Typhon--Monster-KingHydra by Typhon--Monster-KingCaucasian Eagle by Typhon--Monster-King
Crommyonian Sow by Typhon--Monster-KingCerberus by Typhon--Monster-KingColchian Dragon by Typhon--Monster-King
Golden Hind by Typhon--Monster-KingStymphalian Birds by Typhon--Monster-KingNemean Lion by Typhon--Monster-King
Mares of Diomedes by Typhon--Monster-KingErymanthian Boar by Typhon--Monster-KingGeryon's Red Cattle by Typhon--Monster-King
Golden Fleece by Typhon--Monster-KingOphiotaurus by Typhon--Monster-KingHippalectryon by Typhon--Monster-King
Griffin by Typhon--Monster-KingPhoenix by Typhon--Monster-KingMANTICORE (ANIMATION) by Typhon--Monster-King

MONSTER OF HERA by Typhon--Monster-KingOWL OF ATHENA by Typhon--Monster-KingDARK HAMADRYAD by Typhon--Monster-King
Athena by Typhon--Monster-KingPegasus by Typhon--Monster-KingManticore by Typhon--Monster-King
Dove of Aphrodite by Typhon--Monster-KingAphrodite by Typhon--Monster-KingChimera by Typhon--Monster-King
Faun by Typhon--Monster-KingNemean Lion by Typhon--Monster-KingHead of Medusa by Typhon--Monster-King
Hera by Typhon--Monster-KingHarpy by Typhon--Monster-KingThuellai, Storm Winds by Typhon--Monster-King
Podarge by Typhon--Monster-KingHydra by Typhon--Monster-KingSphinx by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragonic by Typhon--Monster-KingCENTAURESS by Typhon--Monster-KingShooting Star by Typhon--Monster-King

Birth of the Phoenix by Typhon--Monster-KingDragon Turkey by Typhon--Monster-KingCockatrice by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon Meal by Typhon--Monster-KingUltimate Dragon by Typhon--Monster-KingHydra by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon Egg by Typhon--Monster-KingDragula by Typhon--Monster-KingShivering by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon Egg by Typhon--Monster-KingApex Predator by Typhon--Monster-KingWild Fire by Typhon--Monster-King
Wyrm by Typhon--Monster-KingDragon Bite by Typhon--Monster-KingValentine Dragon by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon of the Evil Egg by Typhon--Monster-KingDragon of Destruction by Typhon--Monster-KingDragon Burning a Village by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon and Virgin Sacrifice by Typhon--Monster-KingDragon's Hoard by Typhon--Monster-KingWise Dragon by Typhon--Monster-King
Water Dragon by Typhon--Monster-KingFire Dragon by Typhon--Monster-KingElemental Dragon by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragonic Easter by Typhon--Monster-KingEarth Dragoness by Typhon--Monster-KingBlood Moon Dragon by Typhon--Monster-King
Volcano by Typhon--Monster-KingSea Dragon by Typhon--Monster-KingSleeping Dragon by Typhon--Monster-King
Red Riding Werewolf by Typhon--Monster-KingDragon Werewolf by Typhon--Monster-KingTeumessian Fox by Typhon--Monster-King
Fire Elf by Typhon--Monster-KingWater Mermaid by Typhon--Monster-KingHoney Fairies by Typhon--Monster-King


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